Committees and Leadership Roles at CairnsNote Pad

At Cairns we believe that everyone has the right to be heard and be listened to.  This year, as a whole school, we decided that every child in the school should have the opportunity to take on board a leadership role and work closely as part of a small team to change and develop our school for the better.

Every 5 weeks, the children in the senior school (Primary 4-7) meet together to discuss varying issues and ideas that they have to improve life at Cairns.  We create new initiatives, fundraising ideas and whole school events to share our message and spread the work of what we have been working on at our meetings.  Below are a list of the committees which we have carried forward from last year. In order to be on one of these committees, pupils must be elected by their classmates.  Some committees even require you to write and give a speech!

Last year, we decided to open our committees up to the infant department, meaning that every child in the school is on a committee and has the opportunity to be heard.  Here are the committees which are on offer this year:

  • Learning Council 
  • Health Promoting
  • Fundraising 
  • ECO 
  • Pupil Council 
  • Outdoor Learning 
  • Playground
  • JRSO
  • Rights Respecting Schools