Celebrating achievement

TrophyThe staff at Cairns Primary School are always delighted to celebrate achievement with their pupils and the children are encouraged to bring in, share and talk about any trophies, medals and certificates they win both in school, in class and during out of school activities. 

There are lots of ways in which children at Cairns can share their achievements with their peers and teachers:

  1. At Assemblies - anyone with a certificate or an achievement to show is invited up to speak at the front of the assembly.  They can show us what they have been awarded with and tell us a little bit about it. 
  2. In class - Pupils are also given the opportunity to talk about their achievements in class.  In some of our classes we even have walls dedicated to celebrating outside achievements!
  3. Achievement Wall - Any child who brings in an award or certificate has their picture taken which is displayed on the whole school achievement wall.  Sometimes some of our pupils make it into the local newspaper!
  4. Achievement folders - Each pupil at Cairns has an Achievement Folder which is updated regularly throughout the year.  These folders are kept in school and move with the children as they move into their new stages.  Eventually, by the time the children get into Primary 7 the folders are bursting full and are ready to be taken home, full of memories and achievements from their time at Cairns Primary School. 

In addition to the various awards and certificate schemes which runs in individual classes, the children at Cairns also work towards achieving their Bronze, Silver and Gold ACE Awards.  These awards are awarded at assembly in front of the whole school and children are nominated throughout the year by their class teachers when they have performed well in one of the following categories; Effective Contributor, Responsible Citizen, Successful Learner or Confident Individual.  In order to achieve a Bronze Award, pupils must gain 2 certificates, for Silver 4 and for a Gold Award pupils must receive a whopping 6 certificates throughout the year!  A tough challenge, but one which is very rewarding!

ace Awards