The Golden Book

Here are our October/November Golden Book entries.  Get ready....there has been a LOT of great work again this term!

Well done everyone!


Quinn Thomson, P1-5k for Superb maths work.

Murrin Thorburn, Ryan Fitzgerald and Abi Mawhinney, P2 for Writing fantastic news.

Hannah McLaughlin & Lyell Hunter,P7 for Fabulous WW2 pieces of writing.

Kelsey Parke & Mia McHugh, P1g for Great October holiday writing.

Dylan Sullivan, nursery for Amazing detailed drawing of a castle.

Ellie Kielty, ASN1 for Fantastic maths work.

Zak Rae, P5 for an amazing story based on Charlie & the Chocolate factory.

Mia Gallacher, P4 for Excellent French writing.

Ryan McLaughlin, ASN1 for Being exceptionally kind and responsible to a friend.

Nathan White & Aiden Roberts, P2 for Fantastic writing.

Jodi McLeary, P6/7 for Amazing art work.

Quinn Thomson & Ruairi Brown, P1-5k for Fantastic division work.

Hannah Meikle & Emma McGugan, P4 for Excellent Halloween poem.

Maisie Taylor, P2/3 for a Super Witch’s face.

Sophie Hefferland, P5/6 for Wonderful literacy work.

Kyle Nicol, P7 for Making a super ‘gas mask’ box for WW2 topic.

Aimee Sanders, P5/6 for Superb language work.

Cara McKenzie, P7 for Excellent WW2 gas mask box.

Lucie McKechnie, P2 for Fantastic Halloween poem.

Garry Deazeley, P5/6 for Superb literacy work.

Danny Brown, P7 for a Fantastic poem.

Cameron Steppie, P2-3d for Amazing spelling.

Ellie McColl, P4 for Fantastic homework.

Reja Bilal, P3/4 for Superb language work.

George Watson, Freya Oswald & Ellie Jade Garvie, P1m for Wonderful writing.

Poppy Spence, Madeline Gallagher, Hannah Grant & Kai Murphy, P1/2 for Designing fantastic ‘cars of the future’.

Nat Blamire, P5 for Amazing work on fractions.

Carson Feelie, Brogan Leonard & Carly McGarry, P5/6 for Fantastic language work.

Lauren Stoner, P7 for Superb review of trip to G.F.T.

Lily Keenan, P3/4 for a Detailed summary on the novel Cool Clive.

Thomas Wotherspoon, Ross Potter & Aishah Boyd, P5/6 for Fantastic improvements in literacy work and handwriting.

Analise MacCabe & Ben Hart, P2 for Fantastic drawing showing natural and manmade landscapes.

Mirren Boyle & Casey McGuinness, P2/3 for Excellent literacy work.

Teejay Wade, P1-5k for an Amazing super hero mask.

Evan McDonald, P7 for Fantastic literacy work.

Lauren McInnes, P5 for Superb personal snapshot jotter.

Jake McCall & Thomas Lynch, P7 for Fantastic literacy work.

Jessica Penny, ASN 1 for Being brave and using her comm..aid to tell us.

Kayleigh Martin, Aiden Murphy, Joe Meikle & Ross Potter, P5/6 for Beautiful handwriting.

Ava Robertson, Lilli Smith & Ruaridh Granger, P2 for Creating great island maps.