Primary 2  Miss SimpsonMr Gallagher

This year Primary 2 have Mr Gallacher and Miss Simpson as their teachers.


Hello! We are glad to inform you that all children are working hard and being the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Keep up the good work P2! This is our 2nd newsletter to outline some of the learning we have planned for this term.

Gym Kit

First, a little reminder to please make sure that all your child’s clothing is labelled to avoid items being lost and mixed up. We have a lost property box in class, so items will remain there for 1 week before being sent to the

janitor’s office.

P.E. lessons are Tuesday (outside) and Wednesday (indoors). 

Water Bottle

Please make sure your child has a filled water bottle for the class. If they are having a packed lunch, they will need two bottles as one is sent to the dining hall at 9am. The children are getting very good at drinking their water. We also take our bottles to PE. Mrs Simpson is an ex athlete and recognises the importance of drinking water!


Children have compulsory reading, spelling and maths tasks. Homework can be completed over the course of the week and handed in on a Friday. Don’t forget to write four sentences per week.

What we will be learning!

Active Literacy – Everyone is now reading 1 book in class and 1 book at home so children are being exposed to 2 books per week as well as reading from the library and listening to stories read by us. Research is telling us that using phonics knowledge to sound out words is the most effective way of teaching reading. Comprehension (understanding the book) is also extremely important. Sound out words with your child if they are stuck, they should attempt to sound out parts of the tricky words. As you may know, some tricky words will just have to be memorised. If your child is stuck, they can read other words around it to try and make sense of the sentence. Hide other words around the word and hide the pictures if this helps with concentrating on that tricky word. Only use the picture as a last resort.

Maths - we have been working on word problems. For example, “John has 7 sweets and Emma has 3. How many more sweets does John have?” The children have to work out whether to use subtraction or addition. We will continue to work on doubles, near doubles and halving numbers to 10 and 20. Next we are back to practicing place value and ordering numbers to 100. We will soon move onto studying money. Try to let your child handle coins and pay for things when you are out and about. The children will also be learning about symmetry - position and movement with Mr Gallagher.

Health and Wellbeing – handling feelings and being a good friend.

Music – Rhythm using beaters, drum sticks and percussion instruments.

PE – Mini Tennis and Dancing. Running outside for fitness and health.

Grammar – Joining word “and”, describing words (adjectives), naming words (nouns) and doing words (verbs).

Writing – functional writing (instructions, recipes, letters, etc.)


French – Colours, months and greetings

Social Subjects – No social studies this term as Primary 2 will be doing the Christmas show this year. It is going to be fantastic!

Science – forces and magnetism.

ICT – beginners coding, art software

It is going to be a very busy term!



Additional Information

We hope your child is enjoying their year in Primary 2. We are both really enjoying working with them. We look forward to meeting you at parent’s night which is coming up soon. If you have any concerns, we are always happy to speak to you at 3pm for a quick chat or you can contact the office to make an appointment.