Primary 1g Mrs Gebbie

The teacher in Primary 1g is Mrs Gebbie. 

The boys and girls in Primary 1g have been working very hard throughout this term. I am very sad that I cannot work with the children in the classroom at this time however I think about them often and I am now planning to have more communication and teaching through the online portals particularly Google Classroom.


Online Portals

 School Webpage

Twitter - You can find us @cairnsPS

School App - App store - Primary School App for Parents

Glow Email and Google Classroom – Use your child’s username and password which was in their packs to access Mail and Classroom from the launch pad.

Communication email address to reach staff –


Teaching and Learning 


Phonics - The children have continued to learn about new phonemes/sounds each week. We use the 5 finger approach which is in your pack to practise saying, making, blending, reading and writing words with our new sound.

Spelling - Each week, we learn new common words. We talk about whether these common words are blending words (sounding out) or sight words (read without sounding). It is important to practise reading and writing these words as they build strong foundations to develop confident readers and writers. Have a word hunt! Write a sentence! How many times can you write a word in 30 seconds? How fast can you read all of the words? More ideas are in your pack.

Writing – The children have been enjoying developing their writing through stories this term. The focus is imaginative writing and the children have been using their imagination to write about settings and characters. We are aiming for 1 clear sentence that has a capital letter at the beginning, fingers spaces between words and full stop at the end of the sentence. Some children are now beginning to use a connective such as and, because, then or with in their sentence to make it a bit more interesting.

Reading – The children are improving their reading fluency by practising their common words and using the 5 finger approach which helps them decode unfamiliar words. There is more to reading a story than the words. The children use reading strategies to help them understand their stories better. There is a copy of these strategies in the pack. I also ask the children challenge questions just to check that they have understood the text for example why did the character say……? Where do you the character might be going? What was the problem in the story and how was it solved? 


Number - The children have been sequencing, ordering, identifying and writing numbers up to 20. Some children are exploring numbers up to 30. We have been identifying the missing number, sorting 4 random numbers into order smallest to largest and identifying numbers before/less than and after/more than. You could make a set of number cards and use some of these activities with your child as part of their home learning. 

Calculations – The children have developed their awareness of addition and subtraction. The children have their own preferences as to which materials they like to use when completing these tasks. Some children calculate mentally while others use their fingers, cubes, a number line or pictures. At home you could give your child a few sums each day to keep these concepts fresh in their mind. 

Some children have also worked on the concepts of sharing. The children like this concept as it is practical. They got to visit Mrs Gebbie’s sweetie shop to collect some sweeties (cubes) and share with their friends. We were able to share 8 sweeties between 4 children to give each child 2 sweeties. Have a go…it’s easy and you could use any household items pasta, pennies, counters, toy figures to make it fun!

Time – The children have been introduced to o’clock times on the digital and analogue clocks. Some children have started investigating half past but it was not covered fully.  

Symmetry – The children enjoyed learning about symmetrical pictures. Painting is a great way for children to have a visual of a symmetrical picture. Fold a piece of paper in half, lay it out flat and paint on one side then fold the paper again to watch the ‘magic’ happen. 


The children have been introduced to all coins and notes. Money is quite a tricky concept for children now with more and more payments being made using cards and online. If you can, let your children see real money and talk to them about the values of each coin and note. We have also been practising adding coins up to 10p (some children are attempting up to 20p) using the dot strategy to keep us right.

2D shapes and 3D objects

We have been investigating the difference between 2D shapes and 3D objects. 2D shapes are flat and some examples are circle, triangle, square and rectangle. You could make a shape picture and count how many of each shape you use. 3D shapes are solid and we can find them in every day life. Example are a football is a sphere, a tin is a cylinder, an ice cream cone is a cone, a dice is a cube and a tent is a triangular prism. How many more of these shapes can you find in the house?

Health and Wellbeing

This term we have been learning about parts of the body through our relationships, sexual health and parenthood blocks of lessons. We have even been learning to say these names in French. You could access you tube to sing head shoulders knees and toes in French.

Social Studies

The children have enjoyed comparing Scotland and France. You could go online to the online museums to look inside Kelvingrove or the Louvre museum and compare or continue our exploration of food by making onion soup or scotch broth.

Technologies - If we were in school we would be learning about past and present forms of communication. There is no better time to learn about current technologies as we are all embracing the challenge of using the most up to date technologies. You could talk to your child about letters, postcards or the telephone that plugs into the wall! Many children won’t realise that Facetime and Whats app are new technologies!  

RME – Easter is fast approaching. We would be learning about the Easter story and its true meaning at this time. It’s not all about bunnies and chocolate eggs. 

Don’t forget to send photographs so that we can see all the fun you are having learning at home. 

See you all very soon!

Mrs Gebbie


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