Primary 1l Miss Little

This year Primary 1l have Miss Little as their teacher.

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. Firstly I would like to thank you all for the effort and time you have put in to help your child engage with our remote learning via the learning pack, educational websites and Google Classroom. We post online Literacy, Numeracy and Topic activities on the Google Classroom every Tuesday. Your child will have a full week to complete the weekly activities. Please feel free to complete the activities at your own pace, hence why we post all the activities on the one day as this will help provide flexibility of tasks. Remember you do not need to complete every task and activity we set. We know many of our parents have personal/work commitments and we appreciate the time and effort you are giving your child to continue their learning at home.

The information below outlines what the children learned in Term 3 before the school closure. Our online tasks and home packs will help your child revise over taught concepts and hopefully provide more clarity on the areas we will be working on.

Numeracy- The children learned about time, focusing on o’clock and also some children were able to identify half past time too! We also learned about 3D shapes such as cylinders, spheres, cubes, cuboids and cones. The children were able to compare real objects to their 3D shapes. We also identified, ordered and sequenced numbers up to 20. For our topic time, we were able to use a variety of coins to pay values up to 10p and 20p. We also learned about finding the change of values up to 10p. The children also learned more about patterns and were able to create more challenging patterns for their peers to complete. We also focused on symmetry and the children were able to work with a partner to create symmetrical images using Lego, counters and pictures. The children have also worked on the concepts of sharing. They enjoyed practical activities using toy sweets and objects to share out to their peers. They also enjoyed the Topmarks game which focused on sharing.
Useful Websites -Education City -Sumdog -Topmarks - RM Easimaths (accessed through GLOW)

Literacy- The children learned all their single phonemes from A to Z! We also introduced double phonemes such as sh, ch and th. The children were able to identify words which begin and end with the double phonemes such as ‘chap’ and ‘match.’ We have also been reading a wider variety of books within fiction and nonfiction categories. It is important for your child to have exposure to a variety of texts and genres. The children have also been responding to different comprehension questions such as summarising a story in their own words and identifying the key parts and characters in their story books.

Useful Websites -Education City -Sumdog -Topmarks Teach Your Monster -Oxford Owls -Get epic – CBeebies Bedtime Stories

Topic- Our topic for this term is Space! The children have been provided with suggested tasks and activities they can choose from each week. Some of our children shared pictures of their homemade rockets using junk materials. They have also created posters providing information on the different planets and their order from the sun. Our next topic is called ‘All About Me.’ This will focus on different mini topics; welcoming a baby, toddler, all about me and transitions. More information will soon follow on the week beginning 18th May.


Our forms of communication

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Google Classroom- Remember to login to the Google Classroom you will need your Glow email to first login and then click on the tab in the launch pad ‘Google Classroom.’ Your child’s username and passwords will be in their pack along with other logins for different educational websites. If you need further instructions please email us.


Miss Little- Term 4 Blurb

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Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Little


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