Primary 1l Miss Little

This year Primary 1l have Miss Little as their teacher.

I am delighted to welcome your child to Primary 1 and look forward to a great year getting to know the children and working with them. This newsletter should give you some information to help prepare your child for the best start in primary 1.

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely October holiday and are all set for another busy term at Cairns!


This term we will be further developing our knowledge of phonemes/sounds and using this knowledge to begin make words using the 5 finger approach. In Reading, we will progress onto word books as we become more confident with our common words and blending. Please continue to practice reading and spelling the words in your child’s word tin and practise blending 3 or 4 letter words using his/her phoneme bag.

In writing, we will be learning to use capital letters and full stops to create sentences and learning about the importance of using fingers spaces to separate our words.

Numeracy and Mathematics

This term we will further develop our knowledge of numbers continuing to practise counting, sequencing, making and forming our numbers up to 10. We will also learn how to add numbers up to 10 using pictures, practical materials, our fingers and number lines. Each day we sing our counting song which goes up to larger numbers such as 50 and 100.

We will be learning about symmetry, estimating and information handling to develop our knowledge of mathematics.


We will continue learning about the farm. We are really excited about our trip and have still top learn about farm produce, seasons on the farm and will also have the chance to make butter before the end of the topic.

Health and Well- Being

This term, our gym days will stay the same as last term (Wednesday and Friday) however this may be disrupted by Nativity rehearsals. If this happen I will do my best to encourage some additional outdoor physical education

Healthy snacks

As we are a health promoting school we encourage the children to eat healthily in school as part of our work on Health and Wellbeing. You can support this by providing your child with a healthy snack to eat in the morning playtime outdoors (for example, fruit, cheese sticks, yoghurt tubes) and they can keep a bottle of unflavoured, still water on their desk to sip during the school day. Please ensure these are sports capped bottles to help prevent spillages. You can buy water bottles to refill from the school office.


Please make sure you write your child’s name on ALL items of clothing they wear and bring to school and also inside their shoes. We will try our best to encourage them to keep their belongings safe and to stop them getting mixed up with others and you can help by marking names clearly on everything.

Parent’s Night

Our first Parent’s Night will be on the afternoon and evening of the 21st November. Your child will be given a slip for you to complete and return to school. Please note that on Parent’s Night the Book Fair will be at the school for you and your child to browse.  


Our P1 children will be leading this year’s Nativity. The dates for the Nativity and further additional information will be will be issued within the next few weeks.

Many thanks for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you again at Parents Night.

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