Primary 1l Miss Little

This year Primary 1l have Miss Little as their teacher.

I am delighted to welcome your child to Primary 1 and look forward to a great year getting to know the children and working with them. This newsletter should give you some information to help prepare your child for the best start in primary 1.

Indoor Shoes

The children are required to change their shoes when they are indoors. Please provide your child with a pair of gym shoes to keep in school and ensure they are clearly labelled with their name. We will begin using them this week.

 Healthy snacks

As we are a health promoting school we encourage the children to eat healthily in school as part of our work on Health and Wellbeing. You can support this by providing your child with a healthy snack to eat in the morning playtime outdoors (for example, fruit, cheese sticks, yoghurt tubes) and they can keep a bottle of unflavoured, still water on their desk to sip during the school day. Please ensure these are sports capped bottles to help prevent spillages. You can buy water bottles to refill from the school office.


The Primary 1 boys and girls will receive some fun homework in the next few weeks to encourage them to engage with home learning and to show you the types of activities they are doing in class. Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be returned in the homework folder provided on the Friday of the same week. Homework tasks will include literacy, numeracy and some occasional topic related tasks.

 Word Wallets

This year the children will begin their literacy learning through our Active Literacy programme. I will provide you with a word wallet and children will be issued with character names only to build up sight vocabulary and common words to develop their ability to read and spell these words from early on in their education.

Gym kit and times

Children should bring their gym kit to school on a Monday and take it home to be washed on a Friday. Our gym days will usually be on Mondays and Fridays and this will either be an indoor or outdoor session, weather dependent. Please provide your child with a drawstring bag with a t-shirt and shorts for indoor gym. To help your child change quickly for gym it would be helpful to wear polo shirts on these days rather than shirts and ties.


Please make sure you write your child’s name on ALL items of clothing they wear and bring to school and also inside their shoes and gym kit/bag. We will try our best to encourage them to keep their belongings safe and to stop them getting mixed up with others and you can help by marking names clearly on everything.


Throughout Primary 1 your child will be developing their knowledge and skills in all areas of the Curriculum for Excellence: Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing, Science, Technology, RME, Expressive Arts, French and Social Studies. Your child will learn in a multisensory approach allowing them to learn in a fun and varied way.

In Literacy, the boys and girls will be focussing on phonological awareness to help them develop their early literacy skills such as rhyme and number of words within a sentence. They will also be developing their fine motor skills through lots of activities such as cutting, threading, tracing the line and moulding playdough.

In Numeracy, the boys and girls have started their journey through the number zoo to learn all about their numbers. They have also met some of the number puppies who teach them about numbers, shapes and colours. 

Homework Help video