Primary 1m Miss McCracken

The teachers in Primary 1m are Miss McCracken and Mrs Woodford.

The boys and girls have settled beautifully into Primary One so far and are adapting to the rules and the routines of the class well. I am going to provide you with a quick overview and some information of what to expect in the first term of school.


I, Miss McCracken, will be teaching the class on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and on a Wednesday Miss McMenemy will be taking the boys and girls.


The children will be participating in regular hand washing and hand sanitising throughout the day as before and after entering and leaving the classroom. Feel free to provide your child with a bottle of hand cream to use after cleaning if you find their hands are becoming dry.


Our class have a MUGA slot on a Friday afternoon to participate in outdoor Physical Education. Unless the weather is particularly bad, we will be trying to get outside at this time as much as possible. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing, such as joggers, zipper/hoody, t-shirt and trainers. It is helpful if your child wears a polo shirt to school this day instead of a shirt and tie to help them with changing. Independent changing is strongly encouraged to help comply with social distancing and allowing your child to feel responsible. Please encourage this at home as well to allow your child to feel confident and able to dress themselves.


Please label all items of your child’s clothing with their name. We have already had some missing ties from the first week and unfortunately nothing has been left behind in the classroom. If your child has brought home an incorrect item of clothing, please return this to school so we can try and match it up to the correct owner, thank you.


Your child should bring at least one filled water bottle to school with them each morning to drink throughout the day. Some children also like to take their water out at playtime and lunchtime to keep them hydrated, therefore, they may wish to have two bottles to allow them plenty to drink in class as well. A healthy snack is also appreciated so your child has something to eat at playtime. Please be mindful of any allergies that may be in the class and school.


In the event of sunny weather, you may wish to provide your child with sun cream to apply before break and lunch. Unfortunately, staff are not permitted to apply this for your child so please ensure they are aware of how to do this for themselves. Children are also not permitted to share sun cream with one another.


More information regarding home learning will be issued soon. This will be a mixture of oral, practical, written and online tasks. Details about accessing Google Classroom and how to use this will be given in due course.


This term the children will be engaging in various Literacy and Numeracy Tasks to develop their phonological awareness and number skills. This will be taught in an interactive way to help engage the children in their learning and provide them with lots of different opportunities to learn and develop their knowledge and skills. We will also be participating in a Whole School Approach towards Health and Wellbeing to ensure the children feel safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. There will also be lots of opportunities to experience other areas of the Curriculum for Excellence as the term progresses.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child or their learning please phone the school office or give your child a note with them in the morning and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Your support in getting the children safely into the school building in the mornings without being approached is greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your support and I really look forward to working with your child this coming session, Miss McCracken.


Mrs Woodford