Primary 3 Mr Terry

The teacher in Primary 3 this year is Mr Terry.    

This term P3 will be studying lots of interesting new topics and learning a variety of new skills. 

In Literacy, the whole class will start the year by reading Flat Stanley. We will use the book as the inspiration for creative writing, drama, comprehension and even grammar activities. Also, the children will be continuing to follow the Active Literacy programme and will work on their phonics, spelling and reading regularly. This will be supported by homework tasks. This term's writing focus is personal writing. The children have just started a project entitled 'Museum of Me'. For this project, each child considers which of their possessions have great sentimental value; they then choose one of their items that they want to write about - and the memories connected to it.


In Numeracy, the class will spend the first term looking at number. We will be revising mental and written strategies to add and subtract, as well as looking at multiplication and division. The class will be developing their understanding of place value and will also practise solving a variety of problems. 


The first Science topic we will study is Water. The children will be conducting a number of experiments aimed to test the properties and uses of water. We will also be learning how to make predictions, write a scientific report and make scientific diagrams.


Our Social Studies topic this term is Ancient Egypt. The children will be learning about pharaohs, pyramids, mummification, hieroglyphics, the River Nile and many more other fascinating areas of study.


In HWB we will be talking about healthy eating and the ways in which we can keep a healthy lifestyle. This coincides with PE, as the children will be practising a variety of different games and taking part in keep-fit activities. PE is on a Tuesday in the gym and a Thursday in the MUGA.


RME will start with the children learning about the Christian wedding ritual and then looking at how other global cultures and religions celebrate marriages. Also, we will be learning both French and Spanish over the course of first term.


It's going to be a very busy first term in P3 and one that I hope the pupils will love!