Primary 4-7 Mrs Smith

This year the teacher in Primary 4-7 is Mrs Smith.

The support staff working in Primary 4-7 are Miss Muir and Miss Azad.

It’s been an unusual but busy start to the new term. It’s great to see some children using the Google Classroom and finding out about all their learning. It’s also been brilliant talking to you or your parents on the phone every week! We have been very busy completing all sorts of tasks and having fun at the same time! Our comparative study of Scotland and a Fairtrade country has been interesting and has helped the children develop their skills in so many areas. So far we have:

  • found out the name of the longest river in Scotland
  • created our very own Scottish menu
  • found out about Scottish wildlife
  • listened to some Scottish music
  • We have lots of exciting activities planned for Peru, our Fairtrade country such as:
  • Finding out about Machu Picchu
  • Making our own drums
  • Finding out about the Amazon Rainforest

Remember if you need to chat to me, I’ll be on- line every day between 11.00 and 12.00. Enjoy your time at home but remember the school is always here for you. Keep smiling!

Mrs Smith