Primary 4-7 Mrs Smith

This year the teacher in Primary 4-7 is Mrs Smith.

The support staff working in Primary 4-7 are Miss Muir and Miss Azad.

Primary 4-7 have had a very productive first term so far. The children are thoroughly enjoying their topic “Into Europe” and had great fun creating passports, boarding passes and then “flying” to Paris, They also developed their ICT skills by carrying out personal research on France and creating a power point about its attractions. They have also been given the opportunity to develop their art and design skills by creating thistles, a representation of the Eiffel Tower and also their own interpretation of the Mona Lisa! The topic will continue for the remainder of the term where we look forward to travelling to other European countries!

In Maths, pupils will continue to work on different areas within maths, mostly focusing on beyond number work such as 2D/3D shape and Time and Measurement. They will continue to use Big Maths CLIC sessions to challenge and improve their mental skills.

In Literacy, pupils will continue to develop their skills in reading, writing, grammar and spelling. Some groups will be introduced to new active games in Literacy to help support their reading. The writing focus for this term is Personal writing and the children have already written several pieces where they have shared a personal thought or experience.

The children will be involved in Masterclasses after the October break. Through the Masterclasses, the children will join with peers and be involved in decision making, helping to make the whole experience enjoyable and meaningful.