Primary 5-7     Mrs McGowanMrs Wallace

Primary 5-7 have Mrs McGowan and Mrs Wallace as their teachers.  

The support staff working in Primary 5-7 are Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Paul.

Primary 5-7G will continue to work together in many fun and educational ways over the course of Term 2. Over the course of Term 2, our class will continue to explore the topic of Native Americans, with the pupils enjoying the learning experiences that are being provided. We have built up our knowledge of different Tribes and carried out research to compare their lifestyles. We have designed and created our own dream catchers, building our understanding of their importance and history.

Pupils will continue to explore a range of areas in maths this term. CLIC sessions will be introduced daily, to allow for the pupils to develop their mental maths skills. Lessons will continue to include a range of activities and aids in order to support pupils learning and understanding.

In literacy, pupils will continue to use active literacy to develop their skills in reading, writing, grammar and spelling. New sounds and spelling rules will be introduced as well as a weekly focus for reading. Our writing focus has moved on from Personal to Functional, with the pupils creating their own Spooky Halloween recipes and invitations as well as Bonfire safety instructions.

Pupils in our class are currently attending Choir and Christmas Enterprise clubs after school. Some of our pupils are attending the Language club which is currently held at lunch time, as well as being a Playground Pal at playtimes and lunchtimes.