Primary 6  Miss MurrayMrs Healy

The teachers in Primary 6 this year are Mrs Healy and Miss Murray. 

Hello and welcome to Primary 6 in Cairns Primary School!

We hope your child will have an enjoyable, hardworking and exciting year.  This newsletter is to outline some of the learning which will be taking place and to give you useful information.

This is a very different start to a school year than usual and for Primary 6 the class timings are slightly different for the time being:

Start time: 9.20am

Play time: 10.25 to 10:40am

Lunchtime: 11:45 to 12:30pm 

Finish time: 3.20pm

We will keep you informed on google classroom, twitter and the school app of any changes so please check regularly. 

Snacks and water

As we are a health promoting school, we encourage the children to bring in a bottle of unflavoured, still water to drink throughout the day and a healthy snack for break time.  Due to current circumstances, children cannot use the water fountains to fill up their water bottle.  They should bring fresh water with them that will last the whole day or extras if required.  In Primary 6 the afternoon is quite long so we will take the children out for some fresh air and if they wish they can bring an extra snack for this time. 

Outdoor Learning

Children will take part in lots of outdoor learning activities and we will strive to take them out every day.  For this reason can you ensure that they have appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, a waterproof jacket kept in their school bag would be useful. 

What we will be learning!

Our focus will be on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. In numeracy, we will begin by completing times table and place value revision work.  For literacy, we will begin by completing a book study about Awful Auntie and revise common words.  Health and Wellbeing will have a focus on mental, emotion and physical wellbeing.   The children will discuss a range of emotions and coping strategies.   

This year we will be studying many exciting topics in our social studies programme.  We will be starting with our class charter, getting to know each other and personal and social issues.  Some other topics and areas we will study this year are:

· The Victorians

· Australia

· Our Solar System 

Additional Information

Can you please ensure names are on all clothing and personal belongings.  We hope your child enjoys their year in Primary 6 and we look forward to working with them.  If you have any concerns, we are happy to speak with you before then.  You can contact the office to make an appointment that suits.

Mrs Healy and Miss Murray