Master Classes

In 2014 we introduced Master Class to our Senior and Infant departments with great success. Our pupils enjoyed having the opportunity to develop new skills and talents through a 4 weekly programme of hour long sessions designed to develop skills for life both now and into their future.  

Further information: How does it work?

The staff, with the help of some willing volunteers and parents, chose a skill which they consider themselves to be ‘Masters’ at.  Every Friday, staff and pupils come together to develop their skills in that area. 

Last session, the Master Classes available to Primary 4-7 pupils were:

  • Cookery
  • British Sign Language
  • Storytelling
  • Times Tables
  • Restorative Practice
  • Spanish
  • Teambuilding
  • Engineering
  • Playground Games

The Master Classes programme helps to develop a variety of key skills; such as communication, working with others, numeracy and problem solving.  After 4 weeks of Master Classes, we get to share what we have learned with others before choosing a new Master Class to sign up for. On week 5, the children participate in a Committees week. To read more about our Committees, click Committees.