French Cafe

French Flag

This year, we hope to continue the outstanding work continued by pupils in running the French Cafe.  In 2014 our P5/6 team worked exceptionally hard to plan and start up their own enterprise business.  They created a business plan, researched food costs and asked pupils throughout the school what types of products they would like the cafe to sell. They even won a Social Enterprise Award for their business.

Throughout the year, changes and developments were made to ensure that we were running the very best cafe that we could.  Now entering into its fourth year and being run by a new team, we hope to continue this success and donate even more money to the Cambuslang and Rutherglen Foodbank.  We have already donated around £1000 to the foodbank and enjoy working with Mrs Duncan who has helped us to understand the role and importance of the Foodbank in our community. 

This year the cafe will run on a Thursday morning and it will be run by pupils in the Languages Club. 

All products range from between 20p and 50p and customers are asked to bring in no more than £1.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing measures, our French Cafe is currently not running.