Our Residential 2015 Lockerbie Manor 

This year we decided to take some of our P6/7 children along with some teachers to Lockerbie Manor on our yearly residential trip.

The trip was a great success as both pupils and staff enjoyed the trip. The instructors at the Adventure Park were great and helped make sure that everyone was safe and felt comfortable doing the activity’s available. We are proud enough to say that all staff at the adventure park including the instructors gave our school amazing reports back.

We talked about facing fears and encouraging our fellow pupils and staff and were delighted to say everybody conquered something that they were afraid to do. The abseiling was a big deal for some people facing fears of heights but we were all very proud of each other when almost everybody took part in this activity. We all supported each other and worked as a great big cairns team. The trip was enjoyable and we all had a great time and I am sure that next year’s trip will be just as successful.


Report written by Hannah McLaughlin P5/6