Parent Council

ParentsAt Cairns Primary School we have a very active and supportive Parent Council.  The Parent Council is a voluntary group of parents who meet on the first Monday of every month to discuss fundraising, social events and other relevant school issues. 

The Parent Council is a small, friendly & welcoming group of parents/carers that liaise directly with the school SLT, making sure parents views are represented and taken into account in school & educational matters. I’ve provided a link giving more formal information on the role of the parent council.

We also support the school in fundraising for the kids, be it for trips, activities, equipment, leavers gifts etc.; and cover the costs for the school App, as an additional means of improving communications between the school and parents. As you will appreciate, all the normal means of raising funds are severely restricted, so we will need to think outside the box for this school year and would welcome any suggestions you can offer here.

Pre-covid times we would meet with the SLT at the school on the first Monday evening of the month and when needed the PC would meet in smaller groups in less formal setting. As is the new normal everywhere, these meeting and discussions have moved online.

If you drop us a message or email we will provide online meeting details.


As the saying goes, many hands make light work…. And we would welcome your help & support, be it as a member or a parent helper, for as little or as much time you can spare. Feel free to message us her, email us direct or chat in the playground!


Parent Council Positions:

Chair Person – Clare Jamieson

Vice Chair – TBC

Secretary – Lindsay Gilchrist

Treasurer – Clare Jamieson


Parent Council Members:

Stephen Kane, Debbie Kelt, Victoria Granger, Lindsay Gilchrist, Mandy McKechnie, Debbie Melville, Lisa Milton, Kirsty Gray, Jules Spence, Natalie McLaughlin, Susan Montgomery, Adele Jones, Leanne Latta, Diane McMillan, Kirsty McIntosh, Leigh Hendry and Shirley Cole

Minutes from past meetings

May 2021 

March 2020


For our recent School Improvement Plan for session 2018/2019, please click the link below.

School Improvement

For our recent Standards and Quality Report for session 2018/2019, please click the link below.

Standards and Quality