Primary 1/2gh Mrs HallMrs Giulianotti

The teachers in Primary 1/2g/h this year are Mrs Giulianotti and Mrs Hall.

The support staff members working with the boys and girls are Miss Ferguson and Mrs Leckie. 


Primary 1-2 are settling into the daily class routines. Each morning we match our names to our photograph to show we are at school and are becoming familiar with our morning songs and routine.


We join our friends at Cairns nursery for two afternoons each week and enjoy exploring the many experiences and play areas available. We also love to use their playground and have been joining in short games with the boys and girls.


We work on individual targets everyday for literacy, mathematics and health and wellbeing and when we come together as a class we like to share songs and rhymes. We support the development of language using Makaton signing and like to incorporate this in our songs and stories. The pupils have shown an interest in sensory play experiences such as sand, water, foam and jelly and we use these materials to offer experiences of shape, number and colour.


We exercise to music and movement on a daily basis and hope to incorporate some biking skills into our timetable this term as well as games with our nursery friends.


This term our topics will be the Farm, Christmas and sensory seasonal activities arising such as Halloween, Fireworks and Christmas.