Our Classes


Mrs Burns, Miss Revie, Miss McAteer, Miss Hutcheson, Miss Steven, Miss Campbell, Miss McFadzean, Mrs Devine and Miss Hannah

Primary 3-6s           

Mrs Smith

Primary 2-5mh

Mrs McGowan and Mrs Hall

Primary 1-3b

Miss Bevan

Primary 1m

Miss McMenemy and Mrs Kelly

Primary 1g

Mrs Gebbie and Miss Tonner

Primary 2

Miss Little

Primary 2/3

Mrs McGovern and Miss Cartmill

Primary 3

Miss Murray

Primary 3/4

Mr Gallagher

Primary 4/5

Miss Tsang

Primary 5

Mrs McIntyre and Mrs Moffat

Primary 5/6

Miss Molloy

Primary 6

Mr Paterson

Primary 7b

Miss Brady

Primary 7c

Miss Campbell